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Preço de Pakcoin hoje

A criptomoeda Pakcoin, também conhecido como PAK, tem um preço de 0,0027€ hoje e uma capitalização de 154.677€, o que representa 0,00% do total do mercado. Pakcoin tem um total de 56.726.448 moedas em circulação.

Nas últimas 24 horas, o preço do Pakcoin diminuiu -0,0002€, o que representa -5,45% da sua avaliação.

O que é o Pakcoin?

Pakcoin is premier digital currency for Pakistan. It is based on Litecoin and is 1% premined. These premined coins will be used for development and airdrop to Pakistanis.(http://www.pakcoin.info/airdrop/)

THE BENEFITS OF PAKCOIN - Nearly instant transactions with a nearly impossible risk of fraud due to the unbreakable security Cryptocurrencies have to offer Mine-able by everyone however 150,000 Pakistanis will receive 50 Pakcoins for free through airdrop Zero or very low processing fees when sending Pakcoins around the world

FAIR MINING - 182 Million Pakcoins (PAK) will be created by people like you through a process called mining. 1% has been pre-mined; 75 Million of that will be divided between the first 150,000 Pakistanis. The remaining PAK will be used for further development of the coin, marketing and merchant services in Pakistan.

INTEGRATION ASSISTANCE - Working on a web or software project and thinking about integrating Pakcoin? Developers are standing by to help. You may be eligible for a bounty reward, our way of thanking you. DOWNLOAD AND TRY - You can download the wallet software in our download page and then start claiming your 50 Free Pakcoins if you are a Pakistani

Wallets: http://www.pakcoin.info/wallets/

Recursos do Pakcoin

Name: Pakcoin
Symbol: PAK
PoW Algorithm: scrypt
Block Time: 60 Seconds
TX fee: 0 – 0.1 PAK depending on your amount
Difficulty Retarget: 24 Hours
P2P Port: 7867
RPC Port: 7866
Testnet: 17866
Premine: 1 % for development and Airdrop
Max Coins: approximately 182 Million PAK
Mining Reward: 50 PAK per block, halving every 3 years

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Participação de mercado 0,00%
Tipo de prova PoW
Aberto 24h 0,0029
24h Baixa 0,0027
24h Alta 0,0031
Preço no BTC 0.00000052 BTC
Alimentação De Corrente 56.726.448 PAK
Total Da Fonte De 182.000.000 PAK
Market cap 154.677
24h Volume (moeda) 363 PAK
24h Volume (moeda) 1
Atualizada 2018-06-24 04:05:18 +01:00 BST
Data Preço Volume

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