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A criptomoeda DMarket, também conhecido como DMT, tem um preço de 0,22€ hoje e uma capitalização de 12.527.001€, o que representa 0,01% do total do mercado. DMarket tem um total de 56.921.772 moedas em circulação.

Nas últimas 24 horas, o preço do DMarket aumentou 0,01€, o que representa 5,45% da sua avaliação.

O que é o DMarket?

DMarket is a marketplace based on blockchain and smart contracts to enable one-click sale, exchange or evaluation of every virtual item between all games on any platform. DMarket tokens will be the only platform currency supplying item prices for every trade, exchange, fee and smart contract.

DMarket wants to create a whole new economic segment. Any kind of collaboration between gamers and games developers on DMarket platform will be regulated by market demand. Therefore, gamers have their own interest in the looting rare items, as well as game developers in creating and maintaining of unique, relevant, and tradable gaming content. Users (players as well as developers) will be able to leverage their own achievements and time spent, either for better gaming experience or for monetary purposes.

DMarket API will be supported by any popular gaming engine (Unreal Engine, Cryengine, Unity 3D, etc.). DMarket API will be available for any games, whether old games (from the 1990s) or new ones. This is caused by the existence of a big community which is still playing old-fashioned games, and have been collecting enormous amount of digital items, which can be converted into real value.

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Preço no BTC 0.00007160 BTC
Alimentação De Corrente 56.921.772 DMT
Market cap 12.527.001
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